The beginings of our band date back to December 1993. The founding members were Robert “Litza” Friedrich and Maciej “Ślimak” Starosta, both performing and recording with ACID DRINKERS – the most popular and acclaimed metal act in Poland. Having recorded their band’s fourth studio effort titled Vile Vicious Vision (which, in their opinion, was lacking power and energy), they decided to create a project that would satisfy their need for playing heavier music. Where did the name come from? In one of the interviews, Ślimak said: “Our brains are like flapjacks after playing with Acid Drinkers“.

Ruthless Kick (1994)
Flapjack‘s debiut album Ruthless Kick was recorded by the six-piece line-up comprised of: Litza (guitar), Ślimak (drums), Maciej Jahnz (guitar, played with Litza in a band called SLAVOY in the 80’s), Jacek ”Hrap-Luck” Chraplak (bass), Grzegorz “Guzik” Guziński (vocals), Vimek (saxophone). Additionally, there were guest appearances by Elizabeth from MELLOW DRIVER (lead vocals on the song Dead Elisabeth and lyrics), and Tomasz ”Lipa” Lipnicki (lead singer with the top grunge act ILLUSION) and Titus (ACID DRINKERS lead singer) on backing vocals.
The record came out on September 1, 1994, and was nominated for the Polish Music Industry Award Fryderyk ’94 in the “Newcomer of the Year” category. In support of the album, FLAPJACK did a tour alongside PARADISE LOST and a series of headlining shows.

Fairplay (1996)
The songs and the recording sessions for the sophomore effort were done in 1995, whereas the album titled Fairplay premiered on January 15, 1996. Guest studio appearances included : Hau from DYNAMIND (lead vocals on the tracks “Active” and “Comic Strip”), Ślimak’s drum tech Tomasz ”Demolka” Molka (drums on the tracks “Active” and “Brazil”) and Heavik on backing vocals.
In February and March 1996, FLAPJACK embarked on a major tour with ILLUSION and DYNAMIND.

Juicy Planet Earth (1997)
May 1, 1997, saw the premiere of album no. 3, titled Juicy Planet Earth. This time round, it was the bass player who took over. Jacek Chraplak wrote most of the material and produced the record.
On September 1, 1997, FLAPJACK supported FAITH NO MORE at the Spodek hall in Katowice, Poland. Having performed all contractual duties, the band took a break, which eventually turned out to last 6 years.

Between 2003 and 2011, the band was on the road again, however, experiencing frequent line-up changes. On August 16, 2011, FLAPJACK did a show in Warsaw, Poland, alongside DEFTONES. In the fall of the same year, we were featured as special guest during ILLUSION’s huge reunion tour: Oct 1 in Katowice (Spodek), Nov 5 in Gdańsk (Ergo Arena), Nov 25 in Warsaw (Torwar). The writing process for the next album had commenced a few years prior to that, after guitarist Aleksander “Olass” Mendyk came on board. In the wake of his sudden death, it was decided that his musical ideas would be used on the album titled Keep Your Heads Down, which was released in 2012. Also, new members, Wojciech ”Yankiel” Moryto (guitar) and Michał ”Mihau” Kaleciński (bass), were featured on the record and the subsequent “Body Slam Tour” in 2013 and 2014.

Currently, the line-up is as follows: Grzegorz “Guzik” Guziński (vocals), Maciej Jahnz (guitar), Maksymilian „Max” Jahnz (guitar), Dariusz „Dziara” Pazda (bass), Maciej „Ślepy” Głuchowski (drums) and Piotr Wach (veejay). We are in the process of recording an EP, which features musical contribution and production by the prodigal son – Robert “Litza” Friedrich – at his Małe Studio.
See you somewhere on tour already in 2015!!!

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